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Program Outcomes

Graduates of the ECC Law and Paralegal program will demonstrate entry-level competency for employment in the local legal community by being able to:

  1. Technology
    • Complete Microsoft Word Certification and Microsoft Excel Certification.
    • Use word processing software to format professional legal documents.
    • Mark, incorporate, and uncover document changes using redlining or blacklining.
    • Convert file formats, adjust file sizes, and prepare searchable PDF documents with bookmarking to comply with efiling requirements and judge preferences.
    • eFile documents with courts and county records offices.
    • Facilitate business video conferences.
    • Manage workflow, communicate with team members, and update client matters using enterprise software.
  2. Communication
    • Use grammar rules and proofreading principles to meet attorney expectations in legal document preparation and written communication.
    • Listen attentively to spoken information, without interrupting, and produce accurate, complete, and useful written summaries.
    • Develop rapport with clients and peers through professional and friendly communication.
    • Dress, speak, write, and act in a professional manner on the job, paying attention to details.
    • Observe deadlines by calendaring due dates, setting advance reminders, and checking in with the legal team.
    • Formulate questions for guidance on work-related projects and determine appropriate timing for asking those questions.
  3. Research
    • Locate and request medical, corporate, and other non-governmental records, using proper releases and forms.
    • Evaluate records for relevancy to a particular fact pattern and accurately summarize record information.
    • Obtain reliable information through internet-based factual searches.
    • Find primary sources of law and secondary legal materials that, when considered together, inform answers to specific legal issues.
    • Correctly read, interpret, and cite primary sources of law and secondary legal materials.
  4. Legal Ethics
    • Avoid claims of unauthorized practice of law by working under the supervision of a licensed attorney and not giving legal advice.
    • Protect confidential client information and preserve attorney-client privilege in all communications.
    • Recognize and report a potential conflict of interest to a supervising attorney.
    • Demonstrate integrity and candor in all interactions.
    • Safeguard client property through proper client trust account procedures.

ECC's Paralegal Certificate is ABA-Approved

ABA Approved Paralegal Program

ABA Approved Paralegal Programs

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