CLEP Testing

Elgin Community College is a national test site offering CLEP exams to students and the community. Anyone who registers and pays the testing fees is eligible to sit for a CLEP Exam. Academic credit may be awarded at participating colleges and universities with a passing score.

For ECC students, please view the CLEP Scores & Equivalency Chart.

Students wishing to transfer CLEP credit to other institutions must refer to each school's CLEP policy for accepted credits. For more information about CLEP tests, please visit

Registration and Testing

CLEP exams are administered by appointment in the Testing Center. Registration is a two-part process completed online.

  1. Go to the CLEP website to create an account and pay for your CLEP test. CLEP tests are free to members of the military.
  2. Schedule your CLEP exam at Elgin Community College
    • There is a $25 administration fee due at the time of registration.
    • All testers must have an ECC student ID number and a valid email address.
      • To obtain an ECC student ID, complete an inquiry form. Select "Need an ID for Test Proctoring." Once processed, you will receive an email with your ECC ID number.

On Your Test Day

On your scheduled testing date, please bring the following with you to the testing center:

  • CLEP registration ticket.
  • Government-issued photo ID:
    • Driver's license
    • State ID
    • Passport (signed)
    • Military ID
CLEP Exam & Administration Fees
Administration Fee $25*
CLEP Exam Fee $90**

The administration fee is due on your scheduled CLEP appointment date.

Price is per exam. An additional $10 fee applies for the essay tests.

All fees, including the CLEP exam fees, are subject to change and are non-refundable.

Length of CLEP Exams

Most tests require 1.5 hours (90 minutes) to complete. Allow approximately two hours for each test that you plan to take.

Tests with essays will take 3 hours (180 minutes) to complete, which include:

  • American Literature
  • Analyzing & Interpreting Literature
  • College Composition Modular
  • English Literature

College Composition Modular Testing Process

Students who wish to receive proficiency credit for English Composition I (ENG 101) must complete a two-step CLEP testing process:

  • Pass the college composition modular exam with a score of 50 or higher. This exam includes approximately 90 multiple-choice items that measure knowledge of the fundamental principles of rhetoric and composition and the ability to apply the principles of standard written English.
  • If you receive a score of 50 or higher, you will need to complete two essays within 90 minutes on a computer or in a booklet provided by the testing center. In one of the two essays, the student must develop a position by synthesizing information from two provided sources with citations to build an argument. Three ECC English department faculty members independently read and scored each essay based on the student learning outcomes for ENG 101 English Composition I. Students will be contacted with the final essay score results approximately 3 to 10 business days after completing the essay.

CLEP Scores & Equivalency Chart

ECC grants equivalency for individual courses based on the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations. View CLEP Scores & ECC Equivalency Chart.

Students need to request that CLEP scores be sent to ECC for ECC to receive the official CLEP score report to grant credit.