International Wire Transfer

ECC has teamed up with Flywire™ to offer an innovative and streamlined way to make international wire transfer for tuition payments. It's fast, simple and cost effective from any country anytime.

  • Saves money - using Flywire™ will save you hundreds of dollars on each tuition payment versus traditional bank wires
  • Simple - no more back-and-forth with the school and the bank trying to get all the information you need to make a wire payment
  • Quick - no more waiting and wondering if your payment has posted to your account. Flywire™ will keep you and ECC informed along the way.

How it Works

  •  Flywire™ accepts payments from any country - typically in your home currency. We work to secure you wholesale foreign exchange rates, which are significantly lower than rates offered by traditional banks.
  • Visit, enter your tuition amount, and immediately see how much money you will save. Once you initiate payment on, you will receive detailed instructions on how to transfer funds to ECC. Flywire™ will keep you informed at every step in the process, including when funds reach your student account.
  • Payments are posted to your student account much quicker than they would be if you were using a regular bank to pay. And you can be assured that you will never have a short-payment due to unexpected transfer fees or bank charges.

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