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Education Abroad Partnerships

Elgin Community College has partnerships with a variety of institutions and organizations around the world. We are pleased to offer student and faculty exchanges, study abroad programs, and professional development opportunities in collaboration with our international partners.

ECC is pleased to co-sponsor international programs in partnership with the Illinois Consortium of International Studies and Programs.

Additionally, as a member of the Illinois Consortium of International Studies and Programs, ECC is pleased to co-sponsor international programs in partnership with Salzburg College (Austria); Canterbury Christchurch University (England); Carlow College, St. Patrick's (Ireland); and the International College of Seville (Spain).

International Students – Representatives in Your Country!

Elgin Community College encourages international students to apply directly to the college whenever possible. However, we understand there are times when additional information or guidance may be helpful. The college works closely with carefully selected international partners and agencies to promote our programs to students worldwide. These international partners function as 'in-country' representatives of Elgin Community College. They help recruit qualified students, provide information about academic programs, and assist the student through the application process and visa application process. Elgin Community College and our international partners commit to international recruitment standards that put the best interests of prospective students and their families first.

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Information for Current and Prospective International Partners/Agents

Current international recruitment partner? Access the international recruitment partner portal. Need help? Email or call 847-214-7809.

Elgin Community College works closely with a wide range of international partners throughout the world. These international partners assist local students directly: guiding them through the wide selection of U.S. universities and programs, assisting with the application process, applying for the appropriate visas, and assisting with study abroad preparation.

ECC is an institutional member of the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) and is committed to collaborating with overseas representatives that adhere to AIRC's best practice guidelines. All our international partners are certified by a reputable accrediting body (i.e. AIRC, ICEF, British Council, Australian Government, Chinese Ministry of Education). Our international partners are trained by ECC to gain knowledge of ECC academic programs, application process, and campus and city culture. Our primary goal is to partner together to assist students in making the best choice for their academic future.

For further information about becoming an international partner or information about student applications, please contact Rosanna D’Orazio (show Rosanna's email address), International Student Recruitment Specialist, or complete the online International Partner Interest Form.