You may find Psychology fascinating if you're curious about learning and memory, visual perception, biofeedback, and social psychology. It focuses on the scientific study of behavior, the brain, and mental processes to better understand human behavior. Skills obtained through the study of psychology include critical thinking, appreciation, experience in scientific principles, and a deeper understanding of human relationships that you can apply to nearly any professional setting. 

You can take psychology courses for personal growth or prepare for transfer to a four-year university majoring in psychology as a requirement or as electives for other ECC programs. We offer courses such as Introduction to Psychology, Personality, Human Sexuality, Forensic Psychology, Childhood Psychology, Educational Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Human Growth and Development.

At ECC, you can also begin learning research methods in psychology and sociology through courses that introduce applied research methods, including various research designs in behavior, social systems, and interventions. Throughout the semester, you'll participate and engage in creating your research project. 

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