Elgin Community College is a great place to develop your skills and talents if you love listening to, reading, and playing music. The ECC Music Department offers performance, general education, and transfer classes for music and non-music students. Earn an associate degree in Fine Arts with a Music concentration and/or a Vocational Certificate in music production. We also offer a full two years in music theory, with an introduction to music theory course (MUS 100) for students with no music-reading experience.

ECC offers professional performance facilities, private instruction, individual practice rooms, and multiple performance opportunities. Learn from faculty who are professional musicians themselves and know how to coach you toward your best performance yet. Explore choral and vocal music, improvisational jazz, concert band, orchestra, steel band, and musical theatre. 

Music Production

Do you have a love for music and a deep appreciation for the technology behind it? ECC’s certificate in Music Production will prepare you for entry-level employment in a recording studio and enables you to develop the skills necessary to record and produce your music.

Throughout the program, you will learn best practices and experience using industry-standard recording software such as Pro Tools, Logic, and Adobe Audition. Whether your goal is to begin a career in the field or learn the skills needed to create high-quality music, this certificate will get you started.

Students should begin with MUS 150 (Introduction to Music Production) and MUS 170 (Recording Techniques I) during their first semester, prerequisites for the advanced recording classes. MUS 171 (Recording Techniques II) is only available during fall semesters.

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Program Highlights

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Associate in Fine Arts

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