Medical Imaging


Medical imaging professionals capture and provide high-quality electronic medical images to radiologists for interpretation and diagnosis. These professionals work in hospitals, physicians’ offices, diagnostic imaging centers, outpatient clinics, orthopedic clinics, medical sales, and even educational settings. If you embrace advanced technology, have good communication skills and demonstrate empathy, take the initiative, exhibit strong physical stamina, are flexible and adaptable, and can think critically and problem-solve effectively, you are a great candidate for this field.

The Medical Imaging department at ECC offers the Radiography Program, which provides an Associate of Applied Science degree in Radiography* and is an entry-level program for candidates who wish to enter the field. You can also specialize in one area or obtain advanced certificate programs for certified/licensed radiographers are available in the following areas:

  1. Mammography
  2. Computed Tomography
  3. Magnetic Resonance*

* The Radiography Associate of Applied Science and Magnetic Resonance Certificate programs are accredited in Radiologic Technology by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology. No accreditation agency is currently available for the computed tomography and mammography programs.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic resonance technologists are highly trained radiographers who operate magnetic resonance (MR) equipment that scans the patient using a combination of magnetic fields and radiofrequency to produce high-resolution images of the body. MR technologists are essential members of the medical imaging team performing scans that are vital to the diagnosis of a variety of injuries and diseases. Learn more about the Magnetic resonance certificate.

Program Highlights

Prepare for Immediate Employment

Associate of Applied Science

Basic Certificate

Planning to Transfer

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Earning an Associate Degree in Radiography and an additional certification in CT, MRI, or Mammography at Elgin Community College can set your career in motion.

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