Do you love the challenge of problem-solving? Are you in awe of the beauty found in the patterns of this world? Do you see a need to debunk crazy research claims with valid statistics? Do you enjoy working articulately and logically with numbers, variables, and graphs? If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions and you’re searching for a program that will continuously challenge you, mathematics may be your solution.

At Elgin Community College, you’ll gain a solid foundation of mathematical literacy, critical thinking, and technological fluency. You may even be eligible for a math scholarship!

ECC’s mathematics department features digital whiteboards, computer labs, cutting-edge mathematics software, a dedicated Math Lab, and, most importantly—passionate and highly qualified instructors eager to help you learn. Math instructors at ECC conduct innovative research, win awards for their stellar instruction, and frequently partner with support services around campus to be students’ biggest cheerleaders for success. 

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Interested in Math?

Infinite possibilities exist for mathematical careers, including engineering, business, actuarial science, and computer programming. New career options continue to emerge as the need for mathematicians increases—your perfect career may not even exist yet! We invite you to join us on your academic journey. Browse the ECC Career Coach Website for relevant data on wages, employment, and education needed for a career in math or another field.

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