Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice

Criminal justice agencies increasingly require employees to possess a college education to gain employment and advance in the field. Elgin Community College’s Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in criminal justice teaches you essential knowledge of criminal justice through coursework in the philosophies of community policing, professional integrity, leadership and ethics, personal fitness, broad-based criminal justice education, and writing. While enrolled in the criminal justice program, you will have the opportunity for real-life experiences through internships with local police departments, role-playing in training exercises with SWAT teams, and working as an undercover agent in sting operations. Current police officers and other law enforcement practitioners may be eligible to receive credit for their experiences in this program. Get additional information, including course listings and class descriptions.

The AAS does not cover the professional courses leading to police or corrections officer certification.

Digital Forensics

A component of the Criminal Justice Program, the Associate in Applied Science in digital forensics focuses on computers and other digital devices used in nearly every facet of our business and personal lives. As a student in the Digital Forensics Program, you will examine how people communicate and store data and learn about the subsequent evidence trails left in electronic format. ECC’s degree in digital forensics will prepare you to identify, collect and maintain digital artifacts to preserve reliability for admission as evidence in a court of law.

The Basic Vocational Specialist certificate in digital forensics is designed for practicing law enforcement, criminal justice, and private sector professionals who wish to expand their skills for work in the digital forensics field. Get additional information, including course listings and class descriptions.

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