An anthropology class is an excellent choice if you have wide-ranging interests spanning the sciences, arts, and humanities.

Humans speak approximately 7,000 languages, dress in untold ways, eat various foods, practice many religions, and live uniquely. Anthropology, the study of human diversity, helps us make sense of all that diversity. In an anthropology class, you learn how to compare and understand our differences in light of our similarities. You can explore art, religion, history, language, biology, music, fashion, dance, and drama--all within the context of anthropology. ECC offers Cultural Anthropology, Archeology Lab Methods, Prehistoric Archeology, Human Evolution, and more. 

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Study anthropology and pursue a professional degree in medicine or law, or you can use your insights into human societies in just about any field you choose. Browse the ECC Career Coach Website for relevant data on wages, employment, and education needed for a career in anthropology or another field.

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