Appeal of Final Grade Form

Administrative Procedure 4.403

Students interested in appealing a final grade should consult the Appeal of Final Grade procedure 4.403.

Elgin Community College recognizes faculty have the right and responsibility to assess student performance and assign grades. However, in certain, limited cases a student has the right to appeal a final grade. Final grades assigned for violation of the Administrative Procedure 4.407 may not use this process and should refer to Administrative Procedure 4.407.

The student must contact the faculty member within ten days from when the final class grade is due (Registrar’s deadline for final grades) with a written request via email to their account for a review/accounting of the grade (Students in short-term classes that end before the scheduled end of the semester are encouraged to check their grades on-line within ten days of the end of the course). Students should send this form using their email account.

Grade Appeal Form